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Due to strict quotas imposed by the state, and fishing weather constraints, all strictly when available

Baby King Klip
On the bone, grilled and topped with a light creamy vermouth and chive sauce.

R 120.00
Calamari Greco
Flash grilled with olive oil, lemon and our seasoning.

R 85.00
Calamari Ripieni
Baby calamari filled with rice and spinach and pan fried.
Topped with a tomato based sauce.

R 85.00
Scottish Salmon
Seared on the surface, pink inside (unless requested otherwise). Available with on creamy vermouth and chive sauce, or topped with a verde (parsley, mint and coriander) tapenade or without sauce.

R 140.00
Rainbow Trout
Deboned fish flavored with dill and wrapped in vine leaves and steamed. Topped with almonds toasted in noisette butter.

R 95.00
King Prawns a la Sophia
Cooked in our unique way- Flash grilled in a wok with a little olive oil, garlic, ginger and a splash of sake wine.

R 120.00
All seafoods served with savory lentiled basmati rice (or chips on request).
Vegetables: add R 19.00